CIO Services for Companies in the Southeast

Chief Information Technology Outsourcing Services that are both strategic and practical

Smithware specializes in providing CIO (Chief Information Officer) Outsourcing services that solve complex business problems in a practical manner. The CIO’s purpose in any size company is to support the strategic goals of your company’s management team with available technologies required to make those goals a reality.

At Smithware, we possess not only a thorough, current knowledge of technology, but also a solid grasp of business management. This is what keeps our IT solutions tightly aligned with your actual needs. Regardless of your organization’s size, complexity, or stage of evolution, you need someone be in the role of CIO!

What makes Smithware unique is our ability to thoroughly analyze your business on a strategic level and determine the right type and amount of business process automation that will help improve and grow your business. When we start the strategic planning process, we routinely show clients how proposed solutions will work by developing Proof-of-Concepts. Proof-of-Concepts are components of the total solution that clients can use and experience before the total solution is implemented. This ensures that business problems are truly solved in a practical manner: one that solidly fits the real world needs of IT users and within the fine scope of what you need.

CIO services to fit your business

For many small to medium size enterprises, typically, the CIO is not a full-time job, but information technology is a critical business function for virtually any size or type of enterprise. Too many organizations try to get by on limited in-house expertise and/or hire low level contractors if they get into some technology trouble. But they have no real ability to “get to the next level” and efficiently automate their key business processes on an ongoing basis.

In much the same way that a business might hire a lawyer instead of building an in-house legal staff, Smithware’s CIO Outsourcing makes good business sense: it gives the business access to a Chief Information Officer’s talent and experience for a fraction of what it would cost to retain these services full-time.

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