CIO Services for Companies in the Southeast

E-Commerce Technology Assessment

Companies that depend on e-commerce need to make sure their technology is able to provide optimal technology performance, security and online sales results. A Smithware E-Commerce Technology Assessment includes analysis of:
  • Hardware
    • Server Tier analysis
      • Business domain controllers
      • Database server(s)
      • Web server(s)
      • Email server(s)
    • Client workstations and access
    • Physical web services hosting
    • Other TBD
  • Backend database
    • Architecture
    • Structure analysis
    • User access and security
    • Data maintenance tools and procedures
    • Reporting and data access
    • Ownership/Change management
  • Web
    • Site architecture analysis
    • Application overview
    • Development tools
    • Change management
    • Source code control
    • Site traffic tracking
    • Site data reporting
    • PDF automation
    • Site security
    • Failover strategy
  • Disaster recovery planning
  • Personnel
    • Who does what?
    • How are decisions made?
Plus detailed recommendations based on our analysis and your business objectives:
E-Commerce Technology Short Term Recommendations for making preliminary changes that could made using the existing technology
E-Commerce Technology Long Term Recommendations for potentially re-designing the overall technology platform

Note that Smithware works with other Partners to provide a complete range of web site technology and marketing services including:

Web technology development (that may include business process automation applications)
Web site usability analysis
Web site planning
Web site content development
Web site design
Search engine optimization
Online marketing