CIO Services for Companies in the Southeast

Smithware IT Evaluation Deliverables

Smithware typically provides a comprehensive Information Technology Evaluation for new clients. The following are typical of the deliverables produced by Smithware, but the actual list depends on the needs of the each company evaluated:
  • “State of Information Technology” overview and executive summary.
  • Analysis of how IT resources are deployed, and how closely IT spending is correlated to the business strategy.
  • Comparison of IT project management and technical infrastructure to the best practices in those areas.
  • Evaluation of IT leadership and the effectiveness of working relationships between IT and business users of technology.
  • Assessment of IT technical capabilities and the cost effectiveness of current IT functions.
  • Analysis of how IT spending and strategy are in line with the technical marketing plan including Web presence and Search Engine Optimization.
  • Strength/Weaknesses/Opportunity/Threat (SWOT) analysis of competitors and their use of IT
  • Detailed plan for addressing any weaknesses identified, for further exploitation of strengths identified, and for any realignment of IT resources which might be appropriate.
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