CIO Services for Companies in the Southeast

IT Strategy Questions

Here are just a few of the top line IT Strategy questions that Smithware addresses in every client engagement:
  • Are IT spending priorities and technology deployments well aligned with the business strategy?
  • Which IT functions must the enterprise excel in order for the business strategy to succeed?
  • Are new IT initiatives (e.g. security, e-business, application integration) called for?
  • What are the most immediate IT improvements that can be accomplished over the short term?
  • Are there multiple systems that could be consolidated to reduce labor, licensing, or hardware costs?
  • Are there older IT resources that are expensive to maintain and generate lower value than newer alternatives?
  • Are there opportunities to automate any manual business processes?
  • What service levels are required for IT resources?
  • What is the overall consensus of IT customers about the quality of existing IT resources?
  • Which business processes would most improve the operation and profitability of the business through Business Process Automation?
  • Which IT functions (if any) might be more efficiently performed by an outsourcing partner?
  • Where are IT strengths to be exploited and where are weaknesses to be shored up?
  • Are all IT assets fully utilized?
  • Are all IT assets appropriately licensed?
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