CIO Services for Companies in the Southeast

Smithware Benefits

  • Flexibility - You buy Smithware CIO Services on an as-needed, on demand, basis. We focus the right level of expertise on your business issues that most need significant improvement--from top level IT strategy to the nitty-gritty of business process automation--or anything in between.
  • Less money - Many small and mid-sized organizations simply don’t need a full time CIO; hence, you don’t need to pay recruitment/relocation costs, or a full time CIO’s salary, or ongoing benefits--to get top level IT talent.
  • No long term-commitment - There aren’t the risks of a wrong hire, a cultural mismatch or a lengthy learning curve--since we have the experience required to tackle any IT challenge. Our tenure is solely at your discretion.
  • Immediate interim availability - The recruiting process for a CIO typically lasts 3 to 9 months. Rushing into hiring a CIO can be a very expensive mistake in terms of money and time. If you do need a full time CIO, Smithware can be on the job next week and handle your IT operation in the interim while a search is carried out.
  • Rapid execution -We “hit the ground running” and manage a specific projects to successful completion or step into a troubled situation and turn things around quickly.
  • Impartial, unbiased leadership - Often an experienced “outsider” with a lack of bias is the only way to break down organizational obstacles and to overcome political infighting that inhibits performance and execution.
  • Compliance – We help you plan, execute, and monitor so that you stay compliant e.g. with SarBOX, HIPAA, etc.
  • Results - Hear from Smithware clients how their respective businesses have benefited from our CIO Services. Our clients get to focus on growing their respective businesses while Smithware handles the IT needs.
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