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Smithware was founded in 1988 by Scott Smith as a software engineering company specializing in creating and distributing embedded database development tools. These early tools were built on top of Btrieve, the leading PC database system in the world. Between 1988 and 1998, Smithware grew from a two-man operation with business partner Steve Mook to a successful company with 20 employees and over $2 million per year in revenues. In 1998, Smith and Mook negotiated the acquisition of Smithware by Pervasive Technologies, the makers of the Btreive and Pervasive.SQL products, where Smith became Vice President of Product Strategy. Unlike many mergers of that particular time period, the Pervasive-Smithware merger was extremely successful. Smith’s primary role at Pervasive was to integrate the combined products, help define overall product strategy, and to build a Developer Network at Pervasive.

In 1999, with the merger complete, Smith left Pervasive to join forces with HCA, the world’s largest hospital company located in Nashville, Tennessee to develop empacthealth, a supply chain technology services company connecting suppliers to acute care hospitals around the country. As CTO for empactHealth and CIO for Medibuy, Smith managed a staff of over 60 IT professionals to develop a comprehensive web-based supply chain application that is still in use at hundreds of hospitals nationwide through GHX, the Global Health Exchange, which acquired Medibuy in 2002.

In 2002, Smith retired from day to day work as CIO at Medibuy and licensed the name Smithware back from Pervasive Software. Smithware was reformed as a Nashville, TN-based CIO services company offering practical IT solutions for small and medium sized companies in the Southeast. With over twenty years of business experience and over ten years as CIO of two large enterprises, Smith brings a deep understanding of the critical need for comprehensive and practical IT planning and deployment for all types of businesses.

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